Who are we?

We are DYSC - an IT company dedicated to providing quality solutions for the modern world.

At the beginning of 2013, we had a huge list of passion projects that were constantly being put on hold because of the demand for our skills.

It wasn’t until 2014 that we were able to clear time for work on our own projects.

Since then we’ve been steadily creating custom solutions that are cost-effective for our customers, saving them thousands of pounds a year.

What is Hablo?

Hablo is our take on a chat solution for websites.

Like our previous work, Hablo is aimed at being as feature rich and cost effective as possible.

We wanted anyone to be able to use Hablo and all of its features - regardless of their budget. That’s why there are no restrictions or contracts.

Even though there are plenty of features at the moment, we are still working to add more. We are never satisfied and want Hablo to serve all of our customers’ needs.

So, if you have any suggestions, requests or comments, send us a message.