What are the benefits of chatting?

There are many great reasons to use chat on your website. These include simple setup, time and money saving, ease of use and the ability to chat from just about anywhere in the world.

Setting up Hablo chat on your website is very simple. We provide easy to follow instructions on how to add Hablo chat to you website. Once the simple installation is complete you can start chatting immediately and you can continue chatting for as long as you wish.

Chatting can save you time and money. Solving issues in a chat is often quicker than by email or phone – saving you time and saving your customers from hassle. Providing quick service to your customers will help you to prevent losses. Another benefit of chatting is that agents can chat with multiple customers at once, making them more efficient.

Out of the office? Not a problem. Using Hablo chat you can chat with customers wherever you are – at home, in the office or on the go. Hablo chat is compatible with most technology and works with desktops or mobile devices, Windows and Macs. We also provide a free app to send you real time chat alerts even when you aren’t logged in.

You and your customers don’t have to be tech savvy to use Hablo chat. It is extremely easy to use and user friendly. You simply type in the box to start chatting.

Not enough features? You can also fit Hablo chat to suit your style. There are endless customization options available to make sure the chat fits with your website’s design aesthetic.

Finally, the chat box can also be used as a contact form for when you aren’t available. Display custom message for your visitors to see when you are not online, they will still be able to send you message to be viewed next time you are logged in.

One-Time Setup

Set up once and you're done.

We provide step by step guides to add Hablo to any website.

Save Time and Money

Chatting is quicker for you and your customers - saving you both time.

Customers don't have to waste time looking for contact information.

Unlike with phone calls, agents can chat with multiple vistors at the same time.

Chat from Anywhere

Hablo works on desktop and mobile devices.

You can work from home, the office or on the go.

Download our app to have realtime alerts without being logged in.

Easy to use

Hablo chat is easy to use and simple to understand

Visitors don't need any technical knowhow to chat.

Easy to customize

Fit Hablo to suite your style.

There are endless customization options.

Offline Messages

Offline messages let customers reach you, even when you're not available.

You can use a custom message for when you're offline.