Currently Hablo provides all of the following features for FREE:

Easy Integration

There are step-by-step guides on how to add Hablo chat to your website. This includes specific guides for some of the most common CMSs such as Wordpress and Magento.

Mobile Friendly

Browsing on a phone is becoming just as popular as using a desktop - so we've made sure that Hablo chat works just as well on mobile devices.

Customizable Chat Window

The Hablo chat box comes in your favorite color! In addition to changing the color, there are options to change the position of the chat box on your website and the text displayed.

Simultaneous Chat Sessions

Maximize your agents' time by allowing them to interact with multiple visitors at the same time.

Geographical Location

Agents can see on screen where a visitor is located. This can be used to help delivery regionally based services, as well as to pick out potential time-wasters.

Real Time Visitors Tracking

See how visitors inter This also includes which page they are viewing and how long they have been there.

Multiple Sites

Have more than one website? No problem. Hablo lets you manage multiple websites from a single account.

Shortcut Messages

For common responses and messages, you can create custom shortcuts to save you time and effort.

Don't miss a chat! Download our free app which notifies you about visitors to your website.

Need another feature? Just ask for it here!

We are constantly working and updating Hablo to make it better for you.