Why use an in browser chat?

Are old methods of customer support letting you down? Try chatting instead. It offers a variety of benefits over telephones and emails. Chatting is quick, reliable and easy to use for you and your customers.

Visitors will see the chat box and know that they are important to your business - even if they don't need help. However, when they do need help, they will be able let you know immediately. They don't have to search your website for an email address or a telephone number or contact form. The chat is right there on their screen waiting for them.

Once you begin chatting with a visitor, you are providing real time support for whatever their problem may be. Most issues can be resolved in a couple of minutes with chats; minutes that could have been wasted waiting in a phone queue. This quick turnaround time is beneficial to you as well as your customers. Your business can avoid developing a backlog by addressing issues as they arise.

Getting started with Hablo is incredibly easy. We provide step-by-step guides to help you add chatting to any website. Hablo is fully compatable with common CMSs like Magento, Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, DNN and others.

Once the chat is placed on your website you can start chatting immediately. There’s no waiting for activation and you’ll be able to continue chatting indefinitely.

Help visitors in need

Provide support to customers immeditately and quickly.

Most issues can be resolved in a couple of minutes.

Show visitors how important they are with direct contact.

Better than phone or email

Save your visitors time and hassle. They won't have to go looking for a phone number or email address.

And they won't have to wait around for a reply.

Avoid backlogs by addressing issues as they arise.

Easy Setup

Getting started with Hablo is increbily easy.

Follow our guides to add Hablo to any website.

Once setup you can chat indefintely.